White Wheel Design Shirt


Sunrises and sunsets are loved by everyone because of the brilliant red colors that are created. This boys shirt takes those beloved colors and turns it into a fun, fashionable dress shirt that can instantly be dressed up or dressed down depending upon what is worn with it.

The printed red and navy pattern on the shirt is very subtle making it great for formal events where your child needs to blend in with the crowd. Given that the pattern has navy in it, this shirt would look extremely stylish with a navy blazer and pair of dress pants.

Khaki dress pants or even shorts can give your child a comfortable casual look that is great for family reunions, wedding receptions, and parties where the dress code is less formal. To give your child a real casual look, the shirt can be slightly unbuttoned to show off a red, white, or navy colored t-shirt underneath.

This Boys Long Sleeve Dress Shirt Captures the Beauty of the Setting Sun

One of the highlights of this dress shirt is the inner lining. The inner lining is made out of a red material. It doesn't show when the shirt sleeves are worn buttoned down, but if the sleeves are rolled up or the collar is flattened, the red color will complement that white sun printed shirt.

The dress shirt is made out of 100% cotton which makes it feel extremely lightweight and very flexible. For practical purposes, this shirt has a full button down front, a forward pointed collar, and double buttons on the cuffs.