White Plaid Trimmed T-Shirt


T-shirts are a must have when trying to create the quintessential casual fashion ensemble, but sometimes you want something more than a plain, solid shirt. This piece gives your child the comfort of a traditional T-shirt, but it has a subtle stylish twist that makes it appear more than just an average basic top.

Just like a basic T-shirt, this girls plaid trim T-shirt can be easily incorporated into almost any area of your child's wardrobe. It can be worn as part of her casual everyday apparel that she wears to school or when hanging out with friends. For a fun stylish twist, the t-shirt can be paired up with a vest and a skirt or jeans to create a funky, edgy modern outfit.

This Girls Plaid Trim T-Shirt is More Than Just Your Basic Casual T-Shirt

Made out of 100% cotton, this girls T-shirt is just as comfortable and lightweight as a basic T-shirt, but it has a fun, stylish twist. The use of 100% cotton material allows your child to have a t-shirt that will naturally move with her movements. She will be able to run, jump, and play without fear of having her movements being restricted by a tight t-shirt. The cotton material is also lightweight, which prevents your child from getting too hot during the summer months. It is also completely solid which eliminates the need to have to wear an undershirt under the t-shirt for additional coverage.

The fun stylish twists come with the plaid printed hem along the sleeves. This adds a pop of color without distracting from the overall casual look your child is trying to achieve. The hemline of this girls t-shirt is on the longer side which allows your child to wear it out or untucked.