Sweet Music Unisex T-Shirt


Music makes the world a better place, according to our Blue Music Tee Shirt. If your kids love listening to or playing music, they will adore this shirt. It expresses an artistic soul.

Audiophiles and music lovers of all ages consider a graphic tee shirt a wardrobe essential. This shirt fits children ages two-years-old through seven-years-old. A casual tee shirt also makes a great gift for nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and little friends. It is an easy way to encourage a young child’s growing enthusiasm for music.

This shirt is perfect for school, the playground, or music lessons. If you bring your child to local concerts and music festivals, this shirt is a sure crowd pleaser. It also fits in at a casual choir or instrumental music recital.

Description Blue Music Tee Shirt

This Blue Music Tee Shirt is made from 100% comfortable cotton. The design is on the front while the back is plain. The soulful blue color reflects the positive sentiment and looks great with your child’s favorite pair of jeans. The white “Music” graphic features an on-trend pair of earphones.