Soft Yellow Boys Shirt


When your child wants to add a bit of color to their formal or dress wear, you don't have to use the traditional colors like red, blue, grey, or green. You can go with something a little less unconventional, like a golden honey.

This boys dress shirt has a very rich, natural looking golden honey color that will add a unique and stylish touch to your child's formal or dress wear. It can easily be paired up with anything from grey or black dress slacks to khaki pants. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending upon what is worn with it.

A Detailed, Luxurious Honey Boys Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

Adding a little depth and detail to this boys long sleeve dress shirt is a windowpane pattern print. The pattern print is done in a darker blue color that really makes it stand out against the honey colored shirt. Around the inner lining of the cuffs and the collar a blue material the same color as the print is used. When your child rolls up the cuffs or opens the collar, the blue inner lining adds a stunning bit of contrasting color.

This boys dress shirt has a tailored fit to it that makes it appear extremely stylish. Even though it has a fitted look the shirt, which is made out of 100% cotton, is comfortable and won't restrict your child's movements. The final details of this boys dress shirt include full length sleeves, double buttons on the cuffs, a full button down front, and a forward point collar.