Sleek Denim Shorts

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Add these boys dark denim shorts to your child's wardrobe and he will have a pair of stylish, yet rugged and durable shorts to wear all year round. These shorts look and feel like traditional dark blue jeans, but they are designed to keep your child comfortable. Your child will be able to wear them all day long without having his movements restricted or feeling as if the waistband and legs are too tight.

These Boys Denim Shorts are a Must Have for Any Child's Wardrobe

Unlike traditional blue jeans where you have to twist and turn to put them on your child, these denim shorts are extremely easy to put on. An elastic waistband allows you to easily slip the shorts on, which eliminates the need to have to fight your child to get them into their clothing. The shorts are made out of 100% cotton that is so flexible it doesn't prevent your child from running around and enjoying his favorite activities. The shorts are on the longer length and are designed to stop at just above your child's knees. These shorts also feature belt loops, two fully functional side pockets, a faux back pocket, and the appearance of a snap button on the front.