Red Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt

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Made out of a soft red plaid material that is a unique blend of cotton and polyester, this shirt has a flexibility to it that allows children to enjoy their favorite activities and be adventurous. Children can play around without worrying about the shirt restricting their movement.

For a fun and colorful twist, this red plaid shirt has navy blue stripes incorporated into the pattern. The subtle navy stripe in the pattern allows this shirt to go great with jeans or dark navy colored dress pants. Reversible solid red cuffs on the short sleeves and a raised rounded collar add a final decorative touch to this boys dress shirt. 

This Red & Blue Plaid Boys Dress Shirt is Both Fun and Colorful

Save room in your child's wardrobe with this extremely versatile boys red plaid button down dress shirt. This button down dress shirt can be worn as formal attire when combined with dress pants or khaki shorts, or it can be worn as part of a relaxed, casual outfit. To get the relaxed, casual look pair this short sleeve shirt up with a tee or long sleeve tee and wear it unbuttoned.