Pink Hooded Sleeveless Dress

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Your daughter or granddaughter will gain great style and movement in this short dress. The cut and details of this pink and white short girl's dress offer a look that takes on both a pretty and active vibe, making it perfect for the many sides of a youthful girl. A combination of pink and white creates a soft, beautiful look that adds femininity to the cut of the dress. You could pair this versatile dress with sandals or sneakers for a cute and casual outfit that's perfect for weekend activities, around-the-house wear and low-key events. Since this dress has such a relaxed, comfortable style, a girl will find many occasions for throwing it on.

A Sporty Pink and White Short Girl's Dress

Made of 100 percent cotton, this dress is light, natural and comfortable, making it ideal for warm spring and summer months. Its thigh length and sleeveless design add to its lightness. While the cut provides a sporty silhouette, added details enhance the fashionable and feminine qualities of the dress. The front of this piece features a beautiful design with alternating pink and white stripes accented by a deep pink diamond pattern filling the white ones, while a slight slit in the neckline adds detail. In back, this pink and white short girl's dress is completely white. A hood with a string and front pocket add to the function and style of this versatile dress. Fits ages 7 to 14.