Pink Baby Hairbrush & Comb Set


This pink baby brush and comb set is the stylish and comfortable way to straighten your baby’s hair. Each tool is especially designed to be gentle on your baby’s head. The brush features super-soft synthetic bristles that detangles hair without irritating the scalp. And, it makes your baby’s hair extra soft and shiny. The large comb allows for more detangling control while the rounded tips on the teeth stay gentle on her head. 

This attractive set is perfect for her first years. The pink plastic brush features a metal bear decal for a touch of adorable style. You’ll notice as you use these tools that the handles on both the brush and the comb are easy to hold and manipulate with precision on your baby’s head. This allows you greater control without causing discomfort to your baby.  

It’s Her Very First Pink Brush and Comb Set

This set comes wrapped in an attractive box packaging, so it’s a great choice for a baby shower gift. These are quality pieces that hold up to countless uses, so you’ll always have them to remember those special early days of your baby’s life