Navy Nautical Print 4 in 1 Baby Car Seat Canopy


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Our Hide & Peek 4 in 1 Baby Canopy combines Safety with Stylish Fun Designs and Multi Use Functionality. Guaranteed to provide a safe barrier between the outside world and your newborn baby making venturing outdoors to run errands easy. We know how important the bond is between Mom & Baby, our baby canopy front panels separate easily to give immediate access to your newborn to reassure them with a simple touch or kiss, or  simply for mom or dad to take a peek while baby sleeps undisturbed. The ease of use, fun designs and multi functionality make our Hide & Peek 4 in 1 Baby Cover/Canopy the ultimate baby buy for the mom on-the-go, the newbie mom the more seasoned mom. 

Hide & Peek 4 in 1 Baby Cover/Canopy

With multi uses as a Car Seat CanopyNursing Cover, Baby Travel Blanket & Baby Play Matwe know this will be one of your favorite new ultimate baby purchases. Used as a baby car seat canopy or baby carrier cover, you have complete control over how much of the outside world your little one is exposed to. Exposure options as a baby canopy range from full exposure with the front panels clipped behind the carrying handle, to partial exposure with draped front panels covering the side views avoiding over stimulation, to fully concealed with the snap clips closed for privacy and protection from the elements, external stimuli and unwanted admirers. Leaving Mom and Dad reassured and able to run errands without overwhelming your little one with too much exposure. 

**Important Safety Notice:** Recent studies have shown that fully enclosed baby car seat canopies can result in a 10 degree temperature increase from the surrounding area due to less air circulation. Even fully closed our design rests over the car seat without enclosing it. It simply hugs the sides allowing easy air circulation and preventing the temperature increase that is common with the fully enclosed designs available on the market. 

Hide & Peek Car Seat Cover/Canopy

We’ve got your Baby covered!  We take great care to ensure that our Hide & Peek 4 in 1 Car Seat Cover fabrics and prints are environmentally friendly and made with the highest quality materials offering a stylish luxury finished product. Our prints and color dyes are baby friendly. The design of our Hide & Peek Car Seat Cover/Canopy measures 39.5” x 28.5” giving a comfortable fit to any infant car seat and creating a spacious well ventilated safe haven offering your little one privacy and protection while ensuring you always have a sturdy grip on the carrier handle without the barrier of fabric to avoid slippage. Once attached to your little ones car seat or carrier, your baby is protected from germs, harsh elements, external stimuli and well-meaning yet unwanted attention from strangers. Your newborn will also be able to sleep undisturbed from the sunshine and/or bright indoor lights while you finish off your daily errands. 

Protect your newborn from:

- Harmful sun exposure 

- Overly strong bright indoor lighting

- Light rain & showers

- Over stimulation

- Intrusive strangers 

- Heat and cold elements

- Wind and airborne objects such as insects dust etc


Eye Catching Fun Designs

Our Hide & Peek 4 in 1 Baby Covers are as stylish as they are protective. We hand select the fabrics, prints and soft luxury minky color combinations by hand. Tried and tested by our own little ones, they are durable as well as super trendy. Now with a variety of themes and colors nothing is stopping you from taking the next step in accessorizing and color coordinating your little ones carrier or car seat with a variety of patterns and designs for different occasions or outings. All our Hide & Peek Car Seat Canopies are made with 100% Cotton exterior and 100% Polyester Ultra Soft Luxury Minky Fabric interior. Machine wash cold water, tumble dry low for easy care and iron on low. 

Personalization with custom monogramming is also available.  

Hide & Peek Nursing Blanket. 

Privacy for Mom and Baby 

As parents ourselves, we fully support nursing mothers and the need to nurse on demand. With your newborn setting its own feeding schedule for the first few weeks we understand the importance of putting your newborn baby’s needs first and foremost without having to sacrifice your own privacy. With this in mind we our Hide & Peek 4 in 1 Cover works wonderfully as a nursing cover on-the-go. All you need do is take the 4-1 nursing cover off the baby carrier and wear it over your shoulders as a breastfeeding shawl with the snap clips over your back or over your shoulder giving full coverage with both arms inside the cover or partial front coverage with one arm free for other tasks or for snacking. 


Hide & Peek Baby Blanket & Baby Play Mat

Don’t stress about the weather taking a turn for the worse! If the day turns a little chilly while mom is out and about with the stroller or carrier she can simply remove the baby car seat canopy and use it as a baby blanket. Close the plastic snap clips and wrap your little one with the minky side facing inwards. Your little new born will love the soft sensation of the silky soft minky fabric.

When your little precious one is ready to start practicing for that all important Tummy Time, Hide & Peek is the ultimate baby play mat, simply fasten the baby safe snap clips and lay your Hide & Peek down with the minky side facing up and you and your little one are ready to go. 


Made by Parents for Parents. Our Promise to You...

As the parent of a newborn we totally understand the protective instinct that kicks in with the arrival your little bundle of love. The first outings with your little one can be daunting, from exposure to the elements to overly eager strangers.  It’s natural to want to protect your little one from anything that can startle them, trigger the Moro reflex or simply overwhelm them on their first outings with the mass array of sights and sounds. Sometimes your precious little baby will need a little privacy. Having experienced this ourselves we took to designing our Hide & Peek 4 in 1 Baby Car Seat Covers. All of our baby car seat canopies are designed exclusively by us and hand made, taking care of every little detail from the super soft interior layer of lush minky fabric, to the fun and versatile exterior print and color coordinated plastic snap clips for safety. We stand by our product 100% and believe you will love them as much as we do. *If you don't we have a 100% money back guarantee* (excludes Hide & Peek products that have been personalized with embroidery)