Marcella Teal Dress Shirt


Dapper young gentlemen will love this sleek, stylish boys dress shirt. From its polished and refined cut to the dark green color, this shirt will become a favorite when your child needs to wear a formal outfit or he just wants to go out looking casual preppy.

A Stylish Green Long Sleeve Dress Shirt for the Fashionable Young Gentleman

The outer material of the shirt is made out of a light green 100% cotton material that has a very faint dark green check print. Along the inner lining of the cuffs and collar a dark green material is used. This material adds a splash of color should your child roll the sleeves up or turn the collar downward. Complementing the colors in the shirt, the buttons on the cuffs and down the front of the shirt are the same shade of green as the inner lining. 

Use of a 100% cotton material makes this shirt extremely comfortable and flexible. Your child will not feel as if their movements are restricted when they wear this shirt. The cuffs on the sleeve have a double button on them to give you the ability to customize the fit of the cuffs.