Luxury Classic White Dress Shirt


Be prepared for those unexpected invites to formal events or special occasions by adding this white long sleeve dress shirt to your child's closet. The very clean cut, yet modern style of this dress shirt allows it to be worn with almost any pair of pants from khakis to dress slacks.

Its ability to go with almost anything is what makes this dress shirt an invaluable addition to your child's wardrobe. It can be worn to anything from wedding receptions, graduation parties, family reunions, and special school events.

A Crisp, Ultra-Modern Classic White Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

This boys dress shirt has a very sleek, clean cut appearance. It has full length long sleeves, a full button down front, and a forward point collar. The entire white dress shirt is made out of a very lightweight, flexible 100% cotton material. Using this type of material the shirt is extremely comfortable to wear and won't feel stiff or restrict your child's movements.

Adding a subtle splash of color is a grey inner lining. The inner lining is placed around the cuffs and the collar. It isn't visible unless the cuffs are rolled back or the collar is unbuttoned. Completing the overall look of the shirt is a double button cuff which allows you to customize the fit of the cuffs when worn.