Light Denim Tassel Dress

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With its fit and decorative details, this short dress is perfect for a young girl. It comes with a Boho-chic or tribal vibe that makes it adorable to you and fun for her like dressing up for playtime. This short blue tribal pattern girl's dress provides beautiful color and texture to liven up her look, whether it's worn for casual time at home or an event with friends or family members. You have the option to leave this piece loose and relaxed or to cinch in the waist with a brown belt. The perfect finishing touch for this dress is short or tall boots in a nice tan or brown hue. 

A Playful Short Blue Tribal Pattern Girl's Dress

The fabric, color and details come together in this dress to create a cute and fashionable style for a girl. Light denim in a soft blue gains added detail from the grain pattern within the fabric and comfort from the 70 percent cotton/30 percent polyester blend. This beautiful fabric is enhanced by tribal details along the neckline and sleeves that feature linear multi-colored trim with fun white tassels hanging from it. The cut adds to the design of this short blue tribal pattern girl's dress with its high rounded neckline, shortened sleeves, thigh-length design and loose fit. The back of the dress features an opening on top to ease the dressing process, with a button closure. This style fits ages 7 to 14.