Lemon Blouse

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Capture the fun of sipping on lemonades on the beach by adding this stylish girls lemon print t-shirt to your youngsters closet. Extremely lightweight and ultra-fashionable, this fun t-shirt which features a beautifully painted lemon print on the front is perfect for the summer.

There are a number of ways this shirt can be worn. It can be dressed up by pairing it up with a shorter skirt and leggings or even a long, full length skirt. For a more casual and carefree look, it can be paired up with white, beige, or denim shorts. Take it to the next level and layer the look by putting a pair of leggings on underneath the shorts.

Brighten Up Your Child's Day with This Stylish Girls Lemon Print T-Shirt

This girls lemon print t-shirt has a very lightweight, elegant, and super feminine vibe. It is made out of 100% Pureamie materials, which gives it the free flowing, stylish look. The material is translucent which will require your child to wear a tank top or cami underneath for additional coverage.

The stylish details that complete this girls t-shirt include a detailed lemon print, short sleeves, a double button closure in the back, a slightly raise collar, and a front that provides full coverage.