Laurel Set of 6 Baby Socks


A patterned pair of socks can change the whole look and feel of an outfit. A fun pair can tone a serious outfit down, while a dressy pair can help to emphasize the dressy look and feel of the outfit. If you have a child, selecting the right socks can make an outfit more whimsical or emphasis the colors and patterns in the outfit. If you need some new socks for a bundle of joy who is about to be born or who was just born, we have the perfect socks for you.

Cute Classy Colorful Set of 6 Baby Socks

This Eva & Elvin boxed set of socks features six pairs of socks in a variety of colors with a laurel leaf pattern emblazoned on each sock. The set of socks features a pair in red, grey, blue, purple, olive green and beige. The laurel leaf pattern stands out against the colored backdrop in a bold white color.

The Romans & Greeks traditionally used laurel leaves to create their famous leaved head wear for special events. As such, this leave pattern is often associated with class, prestige and intelligence. Pairing laurel leave socks with an outfit may instantly convey to people the values you hope to instill in your child one day, while also still providing your child with something to keep their feet warm.

  • Gift Box Set of 6 Laurel Baby Sacks Pack of 6
  • Material: 75 Percent Cotton. 23 Percent Polyester and 2 Percent Spandex
  • Size:Oone Size. Fits 0-12 Months
  • Base Color: Various Colors