Indigo Tie Dye Bell Bottom Pants

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If your child is feeling inspired by fashion trends of the past, she will love this pair of tie dye bell bottom pants. Created to look like the big, baggy bell bottom jeans worn in the 1960s and 1970s, this pair of girls pants will allow your child to enjoy incorporating some of the older, more vintage fashion trends into her wardrobe.

This bright, colorful pair of casual bell bottom pants can be mixed and matched with a number of items in your child's wardrobe to create some amazing outfits. A basic t-shirt will give your child a comfortable outfit that is perfect for those laidback, casual days when all she wants to do is lounge around the house or hang out with friends. A fitted blouse or even a short sleeve top is a great way to dress these girls pants up.

If your child feels really inspired, she can create an entire boho chic look with these pants. All she has to do is pair it up with a long sleeve tunic or another style of tunic top and she has a very fun, stylish bohemian inspired fashion ensemble.

A Colorful and Comfortable Pair of Girls Tie Dye Bell Bottom Pants

Your child will love wearing this pair of girls bell bottom pants because of how comfortable they feel. Made out of a lightweight tie dyed material that is a combination of rayon and spandex, these pants have a snug, yet comfortable fit. Even though they are comfortable, these pants have a stylish cut that gives them some shape and definition.

These girls pants have all the detailing necessary to consider them a true bell bottom style pant. It has the fitted waist, the narrow pant leg around the thigh, and a longer flared bottom that pools around the feet.