Gift Set of 3 Woven Soft Pink Muslins Swaddle Blankets

(You save $11.20 )

Welcome your baby home to warm comfort in these luxury quality muslin swaddle blankets. Your baby will be extra comfortable and warm thanks to the 100% natural cotton fabric. The muslin material is nice and warm, and folds up extra-small so it’s easy to throw into your bag on the go. Use them for swaddling your girl up to keep her snug and warm, or just as a blanket for a touch of extra heat.

These blankets come in generous 60x60cm squares, so they’re the perfect size for all your baby’s needs. Each features a fun pattern of stars and clouds, so you’ll enjoy switching up the different styles. Lightweight and easy to travel with, you’ll find countless reasons to use these versatile blankets.

Pink Muslin Blankets for Her First Days At Home 

Packaged in a tasteful white box, these swaddle blankets make a great choice for baby shower gifts. You can machine wash them, so they are easy to clean as well. You’ll love the soft natural feel of the cotton fabric, and it won’t irritate your baby’s skin. Best of all, the three different designs means you can change up the style as you please.