Coral Hoodie Pullover Top

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Your youngster will be certain to "roar" with excitement when you add this hoodie to his closet. Everything from its bright orange color and super comfortable feel to the cute dinosaur graphic and detailed dinosaur spikes on the side will be super exciting for your child. In fact, we bet your child will be so excited about this hoodie that you will have difficulty taking it off at the end of the day.

Bring the Dinosaurs Alive with This Super Cute Boys Orange Hoodie

Little boys are fascinated with dinosaurs. This boys orange hoodie takes their favorite dinosaur and turns it into a fun graphic that is super cute and ultra-stylish. The graphic features a friendly looking dinosaur raising his arms in the air and saying "hi" to your child. If that wasn't enough, along the side of the shirt are small black dinosaur spikes that stick out the side. This gives the appearance that the dinosaur just walked onto your child's hoodie and wanted to say hi.

This boys hoodie is made out of warm 100% cotton material that comes in a bright, eye-catching orange color. It has a fixed hoodie, ¾ length sleeves, and a thick band around the hem of the waist.