Candy Pink Set of 6 Socks


Baby socks are not only functional; they help to keep your infants toes warm as well. However, you do not have to pick plain socks. These days, baby socks are available in a wide array of colors, patterns, styles and designs. If you are expecting a girl or attending a baby shower for a new addition, this sock set provides the new baby with a great selection of socks that are stylish and sweet.

Pretty In Pink Set of 6 Baby Socks

This Eva & Elvin boxed set features six pairs of white and pink infant girl socks. Each pair of socks has a different pattern to them. There are white and pink striped socks. Pink and white socks that emulate a checkerboard. White socks that feature giant pink circles or polka dot. Sweet little white socks that have tiny pink hearts on them. Another pair is white with pink clouds on them. And the last pair in the set is white, but has a design in pink that makes it look like ballet slippers. 

Most baby girls get primarily pink clothing. This set of pink socks will match all of this pink clothing, while also adding something more than plain pink or white socks do. If you want the baby's socks to be as unique and special as the baby is, this boxed set helps to make that happen.

  • Gift Box Set of 6 Pink Candy Socks
  • Material: 75 Percent Cotton. 23 Percent Polyester and 2 Percent Spandex
  • Size: One Size. Fits 0-12 Months.
  • Base Color: White and Pink