Boys Green Plaid Shirt

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Teach your youngster how to incorporate some of the newest, latest fashion trends into their wardrobe with the help of this green plaid dress shirt. This sleek, stylish take on the traditional button down dress shirt incorporates a very eye-catching plaid print into its overall design to make it appear modern, trendy, and extremely fashionable.

Just like a traditional dress shirt, this plaid print button down shirt can be worn either on its own or with a plain tee. Wearing it on its own gives your child a dressier, more formal appearance, while wearing it unbuttoned and over a tee creates a more relaxed and casual look.

A Youthful, Bright and Cheery Green Boys Button Down Dress Shirt

Every little detail on this boys button down dress shirt helps to give this piece a youthful, vibrant feel. The small, bright green plaid material, the darker reversible cuffs on the short sleeves, the collar with a contrasting color, and the straighter, sleek cut are all details that make this boys shirt appear youthful and modern.

This shirt is made out of a lightweight, flexible cotton and polyester material. It has a full button down front with an additional button at the top of the collar.