Boys Graphic Green T-Shirt



Let’s face it. Little boys don’t always like to dress up. They pick their favorite t-shirt because of color or pattern, and they will want to wear that graphic t-shirt over and over. Sometimes you think you will have to wash the t-shirt with the kid still in it.  Warning: this could be his new favorite green graphic shirt. This basic green t-shirt is comfortable and has an urban sneaker design your young man will lovE to wear during his spring and summer adventures. 

This green graphic cotton T-shirt can be worn alone or layered under sweaters or hoodies. If almost warm enough for short sleeves but not quite, add a grey or white long sleeved shirt underneath it for all day comfort and the ability to take off layers as the weather improves. This will allow your boy the freedom to play and run and climb as much as he wants without being encumbered by a jacket. This graphic tee will be the perfect add to your boys spring and summer wardrobe. 


Brilliant Leaf Green T-shirt with an Eye Catching Logo


This t-shirt is made with quality fabrics and stitching for durability and longevity of life. 

The material composition is 100% Cotton 

Machine wash cold and tumble dry low