Boys Blue & Pink Short Sleeve Shirt

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Keep this pink and blue short sleeve dress shirt in your child's closet and you will never have to go searching for the perfect summer outfit for formal events and special occasions. Comfortable, versatile, and styled to give your youngster a preppy dress look, this shirt can be worn to family reunions, graduation parties, wedding receptions, and any other event held during the summer season.

Versatile, Comfortable Boys Short Sleeve Dress Shirt

Finding comfortable summer dress attire for your young one can be difficult. Everything is too tight and stiff or too uncomfortable to be worn during the warm summer weather. That is where this short sleeve dress shirt comes in. Made out of a lightweight and flexible cotton/polyester blended material, the shirt can keep your child cool even on the hottest summer days. The flexibility of the material allows your child to roam around and be his adventurous and curious self without worrying about having his clothing restrict his movements.

This boys short sleeve dress shirt features a full button down front, a folded over pointed collar, and reversible cuffs along the bottom of the sleeves. The shirt can be worn on its own as a dress shirt or unbuttoned with a tee underneath for a more casual, yet slightly preppy look.