Boys Beige Straight Leg Pants


Khaki pants are a lifesaver for parents. No matter the season or where you are going, you can make a stylish outfit for your child with just a pair of khaki pants. Pair these pants up with a long sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve dress shirt, sweater, or a short sleeve shirt with blazer and you have an outfit that is appropriate for the colder weather. In the summer, these pants can be paired up with a polo shirt or short sleeve dress shirt to create an outfit that can be worn to graduation parties, family reunions, or other formal events.

Uniquely Designed Khaki Boys Slim Fit Pants That Keep Your Child Comfortable

Children want clothing that is comfortable. These boys khaki pants are uniquely designed to keep your child comfortable all day long. Made out of 100% khaki colored cotton material, the pants have a flexibility to them that allows your child to move around without fear of having their clothing restrict their movements. An adjustable waistband allows you to customize the fit of the pants so your child is kept comfortable. Even though the material is flexible, the pants have a slim fit cut and style. Two fully functional side pockets and two back pockets complete the look of these boys pants.