Blue & Purple Print Shirt


Deviate from the norm and create a formal fashion ensemble for your child using this white printed long sleeve shirt. At first glance, this shirt is cut, designed, and styled to look like a plain white dress shirt, but it has a very subtle print on it that makes it unique. The print makes this shirt more than your average plain white dress shirt.

Just like any long sleeve dress shirt, this shirt can be dressed up or dressed down. It will look great worn with a suit jacket or blazer and a pair of dress pants. To achieve a more casual, yet preppy look, wear a t-shirt underneath, unbutton the front and roll up the sleeves.

A Unique, Fun, Fashionable Boys Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

Dress shirts often feel stiff and uncomfortable, but not this boys dress shirt. Made using a material that is 100% cotton, this shirt has a flexibility to it that enhances your child's comfort. Not only will children feel comfortable wearing this shirt, but they will be able to freely move around without having their clothing limit their movements.

The entire shirt is white with a purple and navy drop print pattern. A purple inner lining is placed on the cuffs and around the collar to add a subtle splash of contrasting color. A forward pointed collar, double button cuffs, full length long sleeves, and a full button down front add the final details to this boys dress shirt.