Blue Plaid Button Down Tunic

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This Teal and Navy Plaid Collared Shirt is comfortable and stylish for a relaxed look in a girl’s wardrobe. It has the look of a plaid flannel shirt with a lighter fabric, loose fit and extended length. This gives it a casual and flattering look. Bright blues in the plaid add interest to the outfit.

This top is ideal for those cool weather times, whether she’s in school, hanging out with friends or spending time outdoors. When it’s buttoned up, this style makes a great top on its own. You could also layer it over a camisole, tank top or t-shirt, with the option to leave a few buttons undone to show the shirt underneath. This long, loose top looks great hanging over jeans or leggings. It has warm long sleeves that stay rolled up when needed with a fabric tab and button.

A Teal and Navy Plaid Collared Shirt for Casual Occasions

A plaid design livens up this collared, button up shirt. Fresh colors of bright teal and deep navy enhance the plaid. Chest pockets, rolled sleeves and an extended length add to the casual flair that separates this top from a business button down.

The fabric is made of 100 percent cotton. The shirt has a light, loose look and feel that is relaxed and soft for comfort. It also includes hard buttons on the lapel, pockets and sleeves.

This Teal and Navy Plaid Collared Shirt is different from the stiff, formal collared shirt. It has a loose, fun feel with a long tunic style.

Available in sizes age 7-14

Material: 100% cotton.

Extended tunic look.

Colorful plaid print.