The Top 10 Ultimate Gifts For a Baby Shower

Posted by KidswithStyle Blog on May 16th 2018

The Top 10 Ultimate Gifts For a Baby Shower

Do you need a great gift for an upcoming baby shower? If you're at a loss for ideas, take a look at our suggestions to find the ultimate gift for a baby shower.

Do you have a friend or family member with a little one on the way?

If you're struggling to decide on the right gifts for a baby shower, look no further. With so many options of what to get for the baby and expectant mothers, it can be tough selecting what gift is the right choice.

There are things they need and things they want but how about getting them something that covers both categories?

Here's a guide to ten unique, practical and adorable gifts that will make for the perfect present.

Sleep Sheep

The sleep sheep will come in handy for new moms. At first, it appears to be a sheep stuffed animal that comes in either a small or larger size. But look closer, this fuzzy toy will make white noise sounds ranging from Mother's Heartbeat to Ocean Surf to calm the baby down and lul them to sleep.

This is the perfect gift because it's well priced, cute and also practical. Because it's a soft stuffed animal, it can be close to the baby in the crib, unlike many other white noise machines that aid in sleep time.

Sophie the Giraffe

Most parents are preparing for the arrival of their newborn and focusing primarily on the items they need to get through the first few months. Not too many shower guests will be thinking ahead and be helping to prep the soon-to-be parents for the future.

Help the new mom out by purchasing the leading teething toy, Sophie the Giraffe. Sophie has been around since the sixties in France where the idea was born, and the teething tool gained popularity. Over time it has become the number one tool for teething and parents swear by it.

Sophie is a small giraffe figure that is made of rubber, so children love to play with her and then chew on her when needed. Sophie comes in a set with either rattlers or swaddles, so you get two gifts for the price of one.

Bath Wraps

Another too cute must-have for baby. Bath Wraps are perfect for right after bathtime. They serve as a towel with an animal inspired hood and come in a variety of choices from duck to lion.

Bath wraps are practical as they will keep baby warm and cozy when they're taken out of the bath but are too cute not to coo at.

The Beebo FreeHand Baby Bottle Holder

Mom and Dad will truly be thanking you for this one. The Shark Tank product is a lifesaver when parents need an extra hand. The device hands over your shoulder and allows you to strap in a bottle, allowing one hand to hold the baby and the other to be free.

The Beebo can work with any size bottle and is extremely helpful for any friends or relatives who have might have a hard time feeding and holding the baby simultaneously.

Diaper Bag

Every parent needs a diaper bag if they ever intend to get out of the house with their baby. Gone are the days of bulky, unattractive diaper bags you'd sling over your shoulder.

Backpacks as diaper bags are the latest trend and for good reason; they allow the parents to be hand free. Diaper bag backpacks have several compartments and come in chic colors like black and neutral. Your friends won't have to sacrifice their style when they become parents.

Hospital Survival Kit

This unique gift strays from the registry and gives mom some things she might not even know she needs. Put together a small kit for her to pack in her hospital bag with ready to go items that will be useful to her after she gives birth.

Pack some of her favorite nonperishable snacks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, face wipes, lip balm and any other items you know she loves or uses all the time.

Baby Arrival Bath Set

There are several new companies selling baby products with a non-toxic, all natural approach. Gift your friend a bath set that includes all the items they'll need when it comes time to bathe baby.

Include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bubble bath and body oil. Many of the sets come in a cute wooden box that you can use to store all the items when they're not in use.


This gift is intended for those who are willing to shell out a bit of cash as it's certainly on the pricey side. The Snoo is a revolutionary baby bed that is saving parents from sleepless nights with a newborn.

The Snoo is a baby bed that parents can keep in the bedroom with them when the baby arrives. What makes it special (and expensive) is that the crib gently rocks your baby to sleep using the motion of a mothers arms. The machine also makes white noise to help the baby and parents get some much-needed rest.


Newborn babies need to be swaddled before they can sleep and that means parents need plenty of swaddles to make this happen. These items get dirty, from spit up and well, other things, so it's helpful for new parents to have several to choose from.

Consider gifting a swaddle pack. They come in very cool patterns, so the swaddle almost doubles as a cute outfit for the baby. 

Hide & Peek 4 in 1 Baby Canopy

The Hide & Peek 4 in 1 Baby Cover combines safety with stylish fun designs and multi-use functionality. Guaranteed to provide a safe barrier between the outside world and your newborn baby, making venturing outdoors or running errands easy. We know how important the bond is between mom and baby, and the baby canopy front panels separate easily to give immediate access to your newborn, to reassure them with simple touch or kiss, or simply for mom or dad to take a peek while baby sleeps undisturbed. 

The ease of use, fun designs, and muti functionality make the Hide & Peek 4 in 1 Baby Cover/Canopy the ultimate baby buy for the mom-on-the-go, the newbie mom, or a seasoned mother. An unexpected gift parents will treasure.

Be a Hit with Any of These Gifts for a Baby Shower!

You can't go wrong with any of the gifts above for a baby shower. They are all practical, thoughtful and fun ways to show the new mom you care and gift them with something they can actually use.

Check out our babies and tots section for more fun gift ideas and be sure check out the rest of our blog for more tips.