Fun and Spooky Halloween Activities for Kids

Posted by KidswithStyle Blog on Oct 24th 2017

Looking for some wholesome fun to have with your kids this Halloween season? Wanting to spend time with your kids but are unsure what activities are appropriate or will keep them entertained? rest assured we are here to help by sharing our favorite family time activities that have been tried and tested over the years by our team. We hope you enjoy them. 

Halloween is a great holiday for all ages, and no one is too young or old to get in the Halloween spirit and have a lot of fun. Although Pumpkin carving can be a whole afternoon of fun there are other Halloween activities that are great for your kids, your family and play dates. Cherished memories are created everyday through simple interactions and bonding. Don't miss out on this Halloweens opportunity to create some fantastic family memories for all.This blog article shares some of our favorite Halloween activities for kids so you and your kids can have a spooktacular time this October.

1) Pumpkin and/or Stone Painting

Craft projects rock! Granted they can be a little messy but that seems to make even more fun for the kids. Not all kids are at a suitable age to carve pumpkins, however you are never to young to start painting!. And what better canvas than something you have in your backyard such as some that they can gather on a stone hunt (as well as keep year after year) and pumpkins.

For the stone painting collect medium sized rocks from your yard, rinse and dry them off, and lay them on your table to paint either on their own or with a few pumpkins of various sizes. Try to avoid having too many choices as this will lead to the kids rushing their painting. If they are only going to paint one or two surfaces they will take greater care and time in the design stages.  Acrylic paints can be bought at your local art store and are ideal for painting rocks.

Your toddlers can then choose which rock they like best and decide what they want to turn their rock into. Great ideas for Halloween rocks are jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and bats. You can also simply have your toddler paint the word "boo!" on his/her rock. These make great props for placing around your pumpkin display.

Once you've completed your rock/pumpkin craft, you and you kids can admire the art work for the remainder  remainder of the Halloween season. This activity will give them a great sense of feel accomplished knowing they created something that helped decorate your home.

2) Spooky Ghost Bowling

Depending on the ages of your little ones there are a few alternatives to this game which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor. Its also a huge amount of fun if you spend the time making the  props for these games together. The first options is to go small scale by using paper or plastic drink cups that you can decorate with ghost faces or spooky monster faces. Then take a small clementine and using a dark marker to paint a little spooky face on it. Once you are done you can stack the cups on a table or the floor and start your spooky bowling game. If you feel really adventurous and creative its time for the next level up in size, you can use empty cans or empty soda cans, make sure to remover the lids fully and to wash and dry them to avoid any unwanted surprises. For this option you can also cover them in craft paper or stickers. With this size bowling targets its best to use a tennis ball or medium size ball for better accuracy. The kids and you will have great fun decoration the cans. The next level up is to actually use a pumpkin with a face painted on it. Be careful not to carve this pumpkin, and when choosing the perfect one look of a small to medium size one that is very solid and hard on the outer shell and as rounded as possible. With this option make sure to push and roll the pumpkin rather than drop or throw. For the bowling targets you can use decorated soda bottles or even kitchen paper rolls with black stickers for the ghost eyes and mouth.

No matter what your choice this one is sure to provide a lot of fun for the whole family.

3) Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Spending an afternoon in a corn maze is one of the best outdoor Halloween activities for toddlers and kids alike. It's a great way to distract them from their indoor games or video games and really get out and enjoy the change of season. 

Your kids will love running around in the maze and trying to find the exit. Make sure you keep up with your little ones so they don't get lost.To make it even more fun why not arrange a playdate and invite a friend or two. If your kids are a little older you can also add some mystery to the trip by having a scavenger hunt and hiding some small tokens/markers in the maze and drawing up a sketch so as they have to hunt to collect all markers/tokens to gain a small prize. Another option is to have a timed in and out circuit you time who can work their way through the maze the fastest.

The weather is brisk and beautiful in Autumn and with a corn maze. You and your kids can create a memorable outdoor adventure together as well as have a perfect photo opt to some awesome family photos.

4) Bake Halloween Cookies

Baking cookies is a yummy Halloween activity that's also fun. Out of all the Halloween activities for kids, baking cookies is inarguably the most delicious.

Let your child mix the cookie dough together with a spoon. Then let them have the treat of licking the spoon while the cookies are baking. Once the cookies are done your child can help apply the frosting. This is where the majority of fun starts. If you are low on ideas or just want to freshen up your cookie decorating skills try googling to get some pictures for inspiration. 

The most popular and easiest is to squeeze black and orange frosting over white sugar cookies for a simple and Halloween themed treat. If you're an experienced baker you can draw witches, ghosts, spiderwebs, pumpkins or bats onto your cookies with frosting and let your toddler add the eyes. The options are endless and the prose your little ones will feel when admiring their hone decorated cookies is next to none

As an extra tip to get int he atmospheric mood add cinnamon to your cookies to make your house smell like Fall.

Baking cookies from a pre-made dough is fine, but if you want to make them from scratch you'll want to be sure you have the right ingredients. You will need butter, granulated white sugar, flour, egg, and baking powder to make your delicious cookies. For our favorite easy recipe try this link:

5) Go to a Harvest Festival/Pumpkin Patch

Break out your matching family flannels and head to your nearest Fall carnival or harvest festival. Not all areas have them so an alternative is the local pumpkin patch or nursery to choose the perfect pumpkins as a family. 

Check your local events websites for Halloween activities and see if your city is putting on a harvest festival this year.

Harvest festivals have plenty of kid-friendly activities like carnival rides and booths with games in them.

Even just walking through the festival will give your kids sensory enjoyment with all the pretty lights and sweet smells.

Grab a caramel apple and some pumpkin pie to make your afternoon/evening out even sweeter.

In addition to Harvest festivals, many cities start showing Halloween movies in the park. Grab your toddler and head to the park to watch Hocus Pocus or The Addams Family. This makes for an inexpensive and wholesome evening.

Should you opt for the pumpkin patch try and stimulate your child's imagination but asking them to think of ideas of how they want to decorate their pumpkin and then choose which one would fit the theme better.

6) Go Costume Shopping

Does your child know what they want to be for Halloween this year? If not, take them to a costume shop for a fun fashion show.

Tell them to pick out 5-10 costumes they like and then help them try them on.

Parade around in front of the mirror and tell them to act like who or what they're dressing up as.

Once they've spent the afternoon hopping around like a bunny or pretending to fly like a superhero, they'll be giggling and excited for Halloween.

This process will also help them narrow down which costume they want.

Just remember to be respectful to the costume store owners and hang up any costumes your toddler doesn't want. Trying on costumes is fun, but if the employee has to come in behind you to clean up 10 costumes strewn across the floor it isn't worth it.

Need some inspiration for what your child should be? The most popular Halloween costumes for kids in 2017 include pirates, superheroes, Star Wars characters, and witches.

If after you and your little one go shopping you can't find the right fit, try a DIY costume this year. There are so many clever and interesting Halloween costumes you can make at home.

For instance, have a bunch of old cereal boxes sitting in your recycling bin? Instead of tossing them away, make a "cereal killer" costume out of them.

Enjoy These Halloween Activities for Kids

When planning Halloween activities for toddlers, keep in mind that young kids are very easy to please and easily entertained.

You don't have to go all out with elaborate crafting projects in order for your child to enjoy the Halloween season. Everyone in your family will have more fun if you're not stressed out about activities going perfectly.

Also, keep in mind that toddlers are messy and take extra precautions when doing craft projects with paint. If the weather is still nice where you live consider painting outdoors with your kids.

Whatever Halloween activities for toddlers you bring to the table this year, remember the most important part is taking time to bond with your family.

Keep an eye on your kids when they go trick or treating and make sure they don't eat any candies that were given to them unsealed.

If you have any questions about this article or want to contact us for any reason, please do so here!

We hope you and your family have a safe and fun Halloween season.