7 Cute Nursery Themes to Inspire Your Creative Mind

Posted by KidswithStyle Blog on Jul 9th 2018

Do you have a baby on the way but can't decide on how to decorate? These nursery themes may inspire you.

Decorating for a new baby can either be a delightful experience or a frustrating one. There are hundreds of nursery themes to choose from for your new bundle of joy.

Themes should inspire creativity and imagination in young, growing minds. They should also be a calm, soothing space for your little one.

The decision is a big one, but we can help you pick a nursery theme that you'll adore.

Check out these 7 creative ideas for cute-as-a-button nursery themes.

1. Sweet as Sugar

Cute desserts make the sweetest theme for your new little sugar plum's nursery. Dessert designs are increasingly popular for their fun, colorful appeal.

These sweets and treats nursery themes usually look best when you use a rainbow of creamy pastel shades. Cream, soft white, very pale pink, and powder blue offer a delicious background for your decor goodies.

Colorful pastels are lovely bedding choices for this theme, especially shades of pink, yellow, and turquoise. Multi-colored sheets and quilts are even better. There is also bedding that comes in dessert prints, like sprinkle patterns, ice cream cones, or donuts.

Treat your baby to the cutest accents around. Happy little stuffed felt desserts and other yummy wall hangings keep it cheery. Soft donut and cupcake-shaped pillows on the floor and furniture make this nursery theme more fun than a candy store.

2. Boho Baby

Care-free and eclectic, the boho nursery celebrates creativity and a free spirit. Get globally-inspired with a bohemian baby paradise.

Start with a neutral wall color, like a pale, muted pink, cream, or light gray. This will make the colors and textures of your all-world accents pop.

Neutral bedding is great, too, but feel free to add colorful blankets or quilts. Fringed blankets and pillows with tassels are lively accessories.

Colorful rugs, faux sheepskin rugs, abstract art, tapestry wall hangings, and curtains with intricate print patterns brighten the space and give it that boho vibe. Piles of vibrant floor pillows are also wonderful for boho-inspired nursery themes.

3. Ships Ahoy

Bring the ocean to your baby with this nautical nursery theme.

Blues and grays are best, as they're reminiscent of the sea and sky. They also provide a pleasant backdrop for the more striking colors of nautical decor.

Sheets and blankets in bright whites, deep navy, and bold combinations of these two look wonderful against the solid backdrop of a blue or gray wall. Designs with red anchors, crabs, and lobsters add to the fun.

Decorate for your little sailor with all things ocean. Model ships, wooden decorative anchors, and framed sea creature illustrations are delightful selections.

4. Outer Space

Make a magical nursery for your little shining star with an Outer Space nursery theme.

Background colors should be light, such as white, light gray, or very pale blue. A dark accent wall is perfect for this theme, especially if you apply star decals or paint stars and other space objects.

Choosing bedding for space nursery themes is a blast. Consider darker blues and muted blacks for sheets. Quilts and blankets with brightly colored planets, galaxies, and rocket ships are stimulating during the day and cozy at night.

Murals and wall decals make this theme out-of-this-world fun. Solar system crib mobiles and a moon clocks are stellar as well.

5. Forest Friends

Woodland creatures and enchanting trees surround your baby in this forest wonderland.

Walls should be painted in soothing light brown, powder blue, light gray, or mossy green. These light colors provide the lighter backdrop for the darker colors of furniture and decor that work well in a forest theme.

Dark wood furniture and neutral bedding are great choices. Bedding with forest prints such as tree clusters and woodland animals are especially cute.

Wall murals with tall trees are magical in a forest-themed room. Murals should include some forest inhabitants such as peaceful deer, busy squirrels, clever foxes, fluffy owls, masked raccoons, and furry bears.

Accent this nursery with plenty of forest friends. This includes framed illustrations of woodland animals, animal-shaped pillows, and a mobile with trees and creatures.

6. City of Lights

Paris inspires this romantic theme for your chic baby girl. The City of Lights nursery theme incorporates all charm and timeless elegance of France's beautiful city.

Walls look gorgeous and inviting in pale shades of powder pink or soft cream. Furniture in white or solid black contrasts glamorously with these airy background colors.

Accent with black-framed Paris-themed illustrations such as the Eiffel tower. Wall decals look lovely and are easy to install.

Look for bedding that is consistent with the white, cream, pink, and black combinations you have chosen. A few vintage-inspired black pillows finish bedding and furniture ensembles perfectly.

A sweet miniature chandelier is in order for this all-things-French room, especially one adorned with crystals. They're available in a variety of sizes and colors. You can also paint chandeliers your preferred color.

7. The Great Outdoors

The spirit of nature inspires The Great Outdoors nursery theme. Rugged, snow-capped mountains, towering pines, and a cabin feel are perfect for your tiny adventurer.

Choose colors that impart tranquility. This nursery theme celebrates the soothing qualities of outdoor spaces.

Darker backgrounds in shades of deep blue and charcoal black contrast well with wood accents on furniture and wall decor.

This theme looks great with a mountain mural on an accent wall. Mountains painted in whites, greens, and gray stand out gloriously against the dark backdrop.

There's flexibility in furniture colors, depending on whether your aim is rustic or clean and modern. White and light-colored furniture will give the room a crisp look, while wood softens the overall appearance and keeps it rustic.

Bedding in whites and neutral shades keep the room bright. Decor like wooden paddles, framed woodland animals, and mobiles made of natural materials such as feathers and pinecones provide an authentic outdoor look.

Nursery Themes that Amuse and Delight

Choosing a theme for your sweet baby doesn't have to be a headache. Take inspiration from these themes for the perfect nursery that you and your baby will love.

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