5 Yard Games to Get Your Kids Outdoors

Posted by KidswithStyle Blog on Jul 19th 2018

Getting your kids to play outside is healthy, but unfortunately, it can be hard to drag them away from their computer or phone screens.

With these five yard games, you won't have to try to hard to get them outside. Instead, they'll be excited to get out and get active!

1. Flashlight Tag

This game must be played after dark, which adds a bit more adventure.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A flashlight
  • Some obstacles
  • Some blankets
  • A chair
  • Some kids!

But don't get hung up on these items. The only thing you really need is the flashlight. You can get creative with everything else.

The Set Up

You can make this game as easy or as complicated as you want, but no matter what you choose the set up shouldn't take much time.

The first thing you have to do is set up several different obstacles around the yard. And these can be incredibly simple. Own a folding table? Set it up and lay it on its side. Own some folding chairs? Put two or three next to each other and throw a blanket over them (so you can't see through the chairs).

Big items, like trash cans and outdoor furniture and anything else you can think of, and blankets are good places to start. All you're trying to do is create things people can hide behind, so they don't have to be fancy.

Other than your obstacles, all you need is a chair. Pick one side of the yard to be the starting point and the other side to be the finish. Put the chair at the finish facing the rest of the obstacles.

Pro tip: If you're up for a challenge, the obstacles should get smaller and farther apart the closer you get to the finish.

The Rules

One person starts the game as "it." This kid takes the flashlight and sits on the chair.

The rest of the kids line up at the starting point.

The game starts when the kid on the chair closes their eyes and counts to five (or ten depending on how far apart your obstacles are). When "it" starts counting, the rest of the kids run and try to hide behind an obstacle.

When "it" reaches five, they open their eyes and turn on the flashlight. Anyone who isn't hidden gets "tagged" by the flashlight and have to go back to the starting points.

The Game Ends...

The game ends when someone makes it all the way through the obstacle course without getting caught and tags the person who's "it."

2. Sardines

This game can be done inside, but it works a lot better outside where there are bigger hiding spots.

This game is basically hide and go seek but in reverse.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Some good hiding spots
  • Some kids!

The Set Up

The best part about this game is it doesn't need any setup. That means the kids can show up and play without any extra work.

But if you want to set up some extra hiding places, you can certainly do so.

The Rules

One kid starts out as the "hider" and the rest of the group are "finders." The finders will count to a certain number (however long you want), and the hider will have until they are finished counting to hide.

Once hidden, the finders all split up and search for the hider. When someone finds the hider, they don't say anything or tell anyone. Instead, they hide with the original hider.

The last person to find the original hider loses that round and is the next person to hide (though if you'd rather, the first person to find the original hider can be the next one to hide).

The Game Ends...

The game is over when the last person left finds the hiding place.

3. Blob Tag

You've played normal tag, freeze tag, and maybe even tunnel tag, but you might not have played blob tag yet. It is definitely one of the most fun and challenging games of tag there are.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A big place to run around
  • Some kids!

The Rules

The game starts out like a normal game of tag.

One kid starts as "it," but when "it" tags another kid, that new kid doesn't then become "it." Instead, the two kids link arms and become the Blob. They must then keep tagging other kids together.

Every time a kid gets tagged, they link arms with someone and become a part of the blob.

The person that avoids become part of the Blob the longest wins.

The Game Ends...

The game ends when the last person gets caught by the Blob.

4. Hole in the Bucket

This is a perfect game for those hot days when the kids want to get a bit wet.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Three trash cans (or large buckets)
  • Two empty milk cartons
  • Water
  • Some kids!

The Set Up

Fill up one of the trash cans with water and place the other two empty trash cans about 40 feet away. Poke 10 to 12 holes in the bottom of each milk carton.

The Rules

Split the kids into two teams.

One kid from each team will start out with a milk carton. When you say go, both kids will fill up their milk carton with water from the first trash can. When the cartons are full, they must hold the cartons on their head while they walk or run to their team's trash can.

Once they dump the water in the trash can, they'll run back to their team and give the next kid the carton.

The Game Ends...

The game ends when one of the teams fills up their trash can. The first team to fill up their trash can wins.

5. Blind Man's Walk

This one does require a bit of set up and can be a bit challenging, but that doesn't it any less exciting.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Supplies to make an obstacle course
  • Some kids!

The Set Up

You can create any kind of obstacle course you want. Unlike the obstacles you set up for flashlight tag, these should actually be things the kids can interact with.

Hae things they can jump over, crawl through, climb on, etc. Make it as easy or hard as you want (older kids may want something a little harder).

The Rules

Give the kids a chance to study the obstacle course you're created. If you want, they can even go through it a few times each for practice.

Once they're all familiar with the course, each kid will get a turn to go through it blindfolded.

The kid who goes through the course the fastest wins the game.

The Game Ends...

The ends when everyone gets a chance to go through the course blindfolded, but you can keep it going as long as you want.

Hae Fun with Your Yard Games

Your yard games should be games your kids enjoy. If you know your kids don't like tag, maybe stick to other types of games. Remember, yard games don't need to take a lot of work to be fun.

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