Black Cropped Pants


With their expert design, these pants provide sleek style while also offering comfort and movement. This combination of features makes them ideal for a young girl who wants to look pretty and mature while still being youthful and active. These pants come in solid black, which means they'll match with any color and can transition to fit with a variety of styles and patterns.

The look of these black stretch cutoff girl's pants helps them fit different seasons and a variety of occasions. Your daughter or granddaughter could wear them for school, church, family gatherings and various events and occasions, whether the feel of the situation is casual or dressy. This versatility makes these pants an essential part of any wardrobe. Complete the look with sneakers, sandals, boots or dress shoes. 

Sleek Black Stretch Cutoff Girl's Pants

The cut and fit of these pants gives them fabulous style and versatility. They feature a fitted style with 2 percent Spandex to keep the hold and allow for movement. The rest of the fabric is a comfortable 98 percent cotton. These black stretch cutoff girl's pants feature a cropped style with fashionable slits on the ankles, as well as high pockets in back.

The solid black of the fabric helps them fit within any ensemble, so your daughter or granddaughter will have no problem creating a quick outfit with this piece. That makes them a perfect choice for a young girl. This selection fits girls aged 7 to 14.