Baby Girl Shoe Print Yellow Glitter T-Shirt

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Not your average baby girl white t-shirt. The details of this cute baby girl graphic t-shirt are what makes it feminine and sweet. From the button enclosure in the back of the shirt for easy wardrobe changes, to the lace details on the sleeves, this graphic shirt will give your baby girl something fun and cool to wear in the summer sun.

The t-shirt art is cheerful and whimsical with a depiction of lace topped socks and bright flower printed shoes, bringing back memories of perhaps wearing something similar. The script “dance with fairies” is a reminder to all that childhood is magical time when anything seems possible. Pair this cute shirt with jean shorts or with a tutu skirt and leggings for a dance party in the making. Whether your baby girl is crawling, walking or just cuddled in your arms she is sure to look adorable in this cool baby girl graphic white t-shirt.


Whimsical Dance Shoe printed Girly T-Shirt


This shirt is made with quality fabrics and stitching for durability and long life, including the silkscreen print.

The material composition is 95% Cotton 5% Elastane

Machine wash cold and line dry for easy care

Made with a pretty and cheerful girlish design 

This fun design reminds your little girl that only her imagination is the limit!