Baby Girl Pink Faux Fur Blanket

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This Light Pink Furry Baby Blanket is soft and luxurious against your baby’s skin. It’s the perfect choice for keeping her warm during fall and winter seasons. This blanket provides soft fabric the baby will love, a pretty style and a soothing soft pink hue that’s great for a girl.

With its thick fabric and softness, this baby blanket works well as a floor mat for playing and snuggling. You could also use it to wrap your sweet girl in when you carry her around the house or take her out. It will provide warmth, cushioning and comfort. Nonetheless, it’s best to keep it out of the crib.

A Cozy Light Pink Furry Baby Blanket

The thick faux fur fabric of this baby blanket gives warmth while offering an elegant style. The light pink is calming for a baby while the fabric feels velvety. This piece features the perfect size for a baby blanket, while curved stitching in the faux fur creates a stylish raised cloud-like design.

The faux fur fabric is comprised of a 100 percent polyester outside and interior lining. 

This Light Pink Furry Baby Blanket is elevated from a normal baby blanket. It gives a luxuriousness that’s perfect for a little princess.

Available in one size

Materials: 100% polyester outside, 100% polyester lining

Baby size faux fur thick blanket

Curved stitching details

Measurements: 100cm x 80cm