Baby Boy Padded Navy Coat


Your baby boy needs an insulated coat to keep him nice and warm for Winter fun. This puffy coat is stuffed with warm padding to keep him warm and cold breezes off of him. It has fun details like a hood, functional pockets, and an easy-zip zipper. Light-blue piping lines the zipper and hems for a striking pop of style. The pocket features adorable patches for a finishing touch of cuteness.

This thick Winter coat will get your baby through cold weather in style. Pair it with jeans and boots, and he is ready for his first snowball fight. Weather ice-skating, snowman-making, or just out on a walk with mom, this puffy coat has all the warmth and comfort he needs.  

He’s Warm and Adorable in His Padded Blue Coat

This coat is fully lined and insulated to keep him warm in the cold. Layer it with shirts and hats to achieve the perfect level of comfort. The lining is light blue for a fun pop of contrasting color, along with the piping at the zipper and hem. 

  • Machine wash 
  • Functional pockets and an easy-to-hold zipper for convenience
  • 100% Polyamide