Baby Boy Hot Rod Red Striped T-Shirt

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This baby boy t-shirt is a boyish take on a pastime just about every man loves to be involved with: cars. Whether they are buying cars, fixing cars, racing cars, or riding in cars, one thing is for certain: boys of all ages love cars. The classic blue car printed on this cheerfully red and white striped shirt is sure to gain the approval of the baby boy wearing it, and the men in his family.

The comfy cotton t-shirt is short sleeved and perfect for warm temperatures, or is great to layer under a plain long sleeved button up. Wear this baby boy red And white graphic tee with jeans or khakis on a boys night out, golfing, getting ice cream or maybe even going to a car show. The neckline of this baby boy graphic t-shirt has a snap added to aid wardrobe changes or switches. Available is a variety of colors for your adventurous baby boy. 


Classic Blue Car Art on a Red Striped Shirt

 This shirt is made with quality fabrics and stitching for durability and long life, including the silkscreen print.

The material composition is 100% Cotton 

Machine wash cold and tumble dry low for easy care

This red and white striped shirt is a fun summer pick

For the little boy who loves cars, or a little boy who might someday love cars.