Baby Boy Classic Summer Shorts in Blue

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These are the perfect pair of drawstring baby shorts to pair with any of your baby boy's shirts, so he is comfortable while learning to take his first step, talk, roll over, and play this summer. These soft and stretchy cotton drawstring shorts are a medium length and a blue color that is perfect for late spring or summer.

Blue shorts can go with any casual top he has in his summer clothing collection. He can wear them with a graphic print t-shirt or a polo shirt, and he can change into them after a beach or pool day, so he has something dry to wear during summer activities. Your baby boy will be so comfortable in these shorts he may even fall asleep in them! These shorts are a great every day clothing item to have for your baby boy this summer.

Blue Drawstring Shorts for Baby Boy

These shorts are made with quality fabrics and stitching for durability, so they can handle all the stages your baby boy will put them through.

The material composition of the shorts is 

78% Cotton 18% Polyester 4% Elastane

Machine wash cold and line dry for easy care

Made in a blue color

Your baby boy will want to wear these comfortable stretchy blue drawstring shorts every day this summer.