Baby Boy Blue Teddy Bear Tricot Blanket


Keep your little one comfortable and warm in this Baby Blue Sweater Blanket. It's the perfect blanket for a newborn or toddler. The soft blue color will soothe a baby, while the thick fabric will keep him warm during the fall and winter. It's ideal for a boy, while a girl could use it too. 

You could use this versatile blanket/shawl for numerous purposes. Wrap your baby in it while you hold him, use it as a floor mat and swaddle him in it. It's a great blanket to have for keeping your little one warm and cozy. Use it for the home, the stroller and while out. It's best not to use it in the crib. 

A Baby Blue Sweater Blanket

This blanket features a small size and rectangular shape that works perfectly for a small baby. It features a solid baby blue look with a solid white lining underneath. The sweater knit fabric is stylish, comfortable and warm. The top includes three adorable stitched teddy bears with bow ties to brighten your day. Your baby is sure to love the soothing colors and the feel of the details. 
The fabric is made up of a cotton and acrylic blend. The blanket also features stitched designs.
This Baby Blue Sweater Blanket provides the perfect look and feel for a baby boy. Any little one who loves teddy bears or animals will adore the design.
Available in one size.
Materials: 60% acrylic and 40% cotton exterior; 100% polyester lining
Solid-colored rectangular baby blanket/shawl with lining
Teddy bear details on front