Baby Boy 4 Piece Sailboat Long Sleeve Shirt and Jogger Pants Set


perfect spring or summer outfits for your baby boy. Your baby boy can get ready for summer with these sailor themed long sleeved shirt and athletic pant combo outfits.  The hardest part will be deciding which one your baby boy wears first!

One outfit has a white long sleeved shirt with navy blue piping around the neckline and a sailboat cruising across the chest, and matching navy blue soft pants, with white and red parallel stripes running down the legs. 

The other outfit is a white and red striped long sleeved shirt, with navy blue collar and chest pocket with pocket square peeking out. The matching red pants are solid colored with a single white stripe running down the legs. 

The material of both outfits is soft and comfortable, so your baby boy can cuddle up in your arms, crawl across the floor, or climb over a playground happily.

Sailor Savvy Long Sleeved T-Shirt and Jogger Pants Four Piece Set

This long sleeved shirt and pants four-piece set is made with quality fabrics and stitching for durability so your baby boy can mix and match these pieces over and over within the set or outside of it.

The material composition of the four-piece set is 95% Cotton 5% Elastane

Machine wash cold and line dry for easy care

Made in patriotic colors with sailboats and stripes

You know you always have to pack a spare outfit for your baby and toddler, no matter what the season or situation.  Your bag is practically already packed with these sailor style long sleeved shirt and pants combo times two!